Refund Policy for Easy Watermarks

In order to qualify for a refund, you must contact us via In-App Chat (preferred) or Email within 72 hours with an explanation of the problem:

1) If you don’t like the performance of the app within 72 hours of subscription, you will be granted a full refund without question. However, all of the product photos MUST be restored back to their originals before issuing the refund. We cannot allow merchants to use our product, ask for a refund, and keep the work.

2) If you wish to upgrade to the yearly plan, a refund of a single month membership will be given, if one was purchased, after the upgrade has been activated. Essentially, if you buy the monthly membership and decide to become a yearly member soon after, we will refund your current month cost without question.

3) We will refund a merchant for a new billing cycle if they contact us within 72 hours of the new cycle. The merchant must provide a screenshot of their billing statement as proof. Essentially, if you forget to cancel your membership within the current cycle, you have up to 3 days afterwards to contact us and let us know.

We do not offer refunds under any of the following circumstances:

1) There are no pro-rated refunds for partial month subscriptions. When a merchant selects a monthly subscription their entire shops are watermarked and this service is indivisible from the membership price. You may use the membership and cancel the membership anytime before the cycle completes, but there are no pro-rated refunds for doing so or claiming that some features went unused during your membership. Essentially, if you only use the app for X days, it doesn’t entitle you to a refund of Monthly price – X days.

2) There are no refunds for monthly subscriptions that try to combine multiple months. (1 month refund maximum). Basically, you cannot claim that you should be refunded for several months of usage.

3) There are no refunds for any membership plan that has been active for more than 1 month and is past 72 hours on the following month. Basically, like a cell phone, you can’t cancel your plan mid-month and expect a refund.

4) There are no full refunds or pro-rated refunds for yearly plans beyond the initial 72 hour limit.

5) We do not offer refunds for unexpected technical issues, unless you have reported the issue to our staff, and they were unable to repair the issue within a few days. This refund only applies to new users, and all existing users are expected to be patient while technical support releases an update to address the issue. Essentially, you cannot use a technical issue to claim a refund, unless the technical issue has prevented you from using the app directly after purchasing it.

Please remember that we are a common-sense business with decent people who want to help you, so be sure to contact us using kind and complete information, including screenshots, and we will be sure to listen to your case with great care. Communicating with CAPS, strong language, or threats of negative reviews is unprofessional and may be dismissed at the discretion of our staff.

Resistance is futile.