1. How to edit the robots.txt file for Shopify stores

    The robots.txt file is an important part of any website and serves as an essential tool for webmasters to control how search engines crawl the webpages of the given site. Shopify stores are no exception, and recent updates have made it even easier for store owners to edit their robots.txt settings.

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  2. How to easily write blog articles for Shopify stores

    As the owner of a Shopify store, you want to ensure that your business is optimized for SEO. To do this, you need to create content focused on the products you are selling or topics related to the industry. Writing blog articles is an effective way to do this, but it can be time-consuming. Fortunately, SEO King has come up with a new solution that integrates GPT-3 artificial intelligence (AI) to make blog article writing easier.

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  3. How to Watermark Your Shopify Photos for Google Shopping

    When it comes to protecting your product images from theft, a watermark is essential. But there’s one key caveat: Google Shopping does not allow watermarks. So how do you watermark your images and still be able to upload them to Google Shopping?

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  4. Enable IPAD Split-Screen Feature in an Ionic or Cordova App

    Here I’m going to explain how to setup a Launch Screen Storyboard in order to make your app compliant for Split Screen on iPads.

    So it took me several hours (like 10) to figure out how Xcode storyboards can be integrated into my ionic app, because Xcode is a huge mess IMO… and I’m writing this article because there are zero posts about this topic except for this link here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CB-9161

    And that link is of little use but it did let me know that split-screen support can be added!

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  5. Using ngCordova and cordovaOauth to query Twitter’s Search API

    Recently, I had to find a solution to query Twitter’s Search API with my Ionic and Cordova app.

    I had found some great posts by @nraboy and @saimon24 on very similar topics, so I expanded on them and I specifically modified the code found in saimon24’s post: http://blog.ionic.io/displaying-the-twitter-feed-within-your-ionic-app/

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