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  1. SEO King

  2. Easy Watermarks

  3. Swap Photo Editor

Our Focus

  1. Free Features

    Free Features

    We strongly believe in providing lasting value to all our users, so we always provide some in-app features that are 100% free.

  2. Unique Features

    Unique Features

    Each of our apps offers unique features presented within a quick, efficient U.I. un-matched by our competitors.

  3. New Features

    New Features

    We push new updates to our apps several times a month. We are highly committed to addressing the needs of all our users.

  4. Low Pricing

    Low Pricing

    Our apps are low-priced to target any sized shop and our business is lean, with a focus on technical work and smart customer service.

  5. Chat Support

    Chat Support

    All of our apps include in-app chat support. Report any technical issue and we'll get back to you within minutes or hours.

  6. Clean Installation

    Clean Installation

    We don't auto-install any code snippets or javascripts, so merchants can rest assured that their shop performance is never affected by our apps.

  7. Cancel Anytime

    Cancel Anytime

    Merchants may un-install our apps and never lose the work they put in, and they may re-install later and pick-up where they left off.

  8. Flexible Refunds

    Flexible Refunds

    Each app has a clear refund policy. We're quite flexible with refunds, especially if a dissatisfied merchant contacts us within 72 hours of purchase.

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